Spring Breakers Bring Change To The Poor

During the past three weeks thirty-seven Spring Breakers came to Mexico City on mission trips. They worked six hours a day cleaning and caring in a shelter of 475 elderly women who were rescued after being abandoned on the streets.

Each day the director of the institution assigned students to work in buildings alongside of state employees. After the women were bathed and clothed, the students set about to clean. The students deep cleaned living and bathing areas. The staff were amazed these students would come to Mexico to spend their Spring Break helping them. Each day the students focused on more areas to clean. In the evenings the students shared highlights of how the staff were changing.

The lives of the Spring Breakers were changed from their experience of serving some of the poorest of the poor and the 475 women in the institution were loved and cared for.  What I did not expect was how the lives of the staff would be impacted.

Several days ago I returned to the home to deliver $500 dollars of medical supplies the students had given. As I walked through each building the staff shared how the students had ministered and encouraged them. I was amazed to see how each building was clean. The staff were cleaning and giving care in ways they had not before. The staff shared that in the 15-year history of the institution no groups had came to help and encourage them.

What an amazing three weeks these have been. I am full of joy from these days of stepping into the lives of students as we cared for the poor. The words of Jesus in Matthew 25 have came to life, “What you did to one of these my least brethren, you did it to me.”




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  1. blanca says:

    I love the work that was done during Spring break! So so so neat!! I miss D. F so much!!!

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