Spring Break Students Serve the Poor

One week ago nineteen college students arrived to spend their week of Spring Break in Mexico City. They flew home this morning. The students came to share the love of Jesus, and serve some of the poorest of the poor in Mexico City.

The group this week was amazing. The Spring Breakers worked with my community of street kids on one day. During the rest of the week they spent six hours each day serving in an institution for 400 homeless women I have been helping for the past year. The students encountered some of the most heart-breaking conditions. The students cared for some of the poorest of poor and experienced God working in their lives in ways they could not have imagined.

I returned to my apartment after seeing the group off this morning. This evening seventeen more Spring Break students arrive. I will once again live with the students and take them each day to step into the lives of the poor. I am so excited to spend another week investing in the lives of college students and serving the poor.


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