Mater Filius Home Opens In Nebraska To Save Lives

Yesterday a dream came true with the opening of Mater Filius home in Nebraska.

Mater Filius, Nebraska is a ministry created to help pregnant women who find themselves without support. The women receive housing, counseling, medical attention, workshops, and continuing education at no cost to them. Nineteen months ago I met some amazing Mexican people in Mexico City who had started the home to save the lives of mothers and their unborn babies. They had developed the Mater Filius model for a home over a 10-year period. These people had no idea I was from Nebraska, but shared how they felt God was calling them to start a home in Nebraska. That was crazy! I rarely meet people in Mexico City who know about Nebraska. Their vision was not just for one home. From the initial start in Nebraska, they believed Mater Filius homes would be started across the USA. I blindly volunteered to help not knowing what I was getting into. After we had purchased plane tickets to Nebraska I found out they had not a single contact in Omaha or Lincoln—and were looking to me for making the connections to start this home. You have got to be kidding! I’ve been in Mexico City for a number of years and had no idea who to contact in Nebraska.

I started making calls to Nebraska. Three weeks before the trip to Nebraska I was praying for a miracle.  I was having no success in setting up meetings. It was strange for Nebraskans to hear that Mexicans were coming on a mission trip to start a ministry. People I connected with on the phone or over email could hardly believe we were not coming to ask for funding and that no one from Mexico City coming with me was interested in immigrating to the USA. While praying for a miracle, I remembered meeting a person two years earlier who was involved in Pro Life activities to save the lives the the unborn in Nebraska. I had no idea what her name was, but was able to track her down. I was surprised to hear this person had heard from God in prayer before I called and was waiting to see what God was calling her into. She opened the doors and made connections for my friends and I to share the vision of Mater Filius with over a thousand people during our four day visit. We met amazing people in Nebraska who had already heard from God and were ready to start working on the house. They needed no convincing. A Board of Directors came together and many trips were made back and forth between Mexico City and Nebraska.

It was extremely challenging to translate an organization based in Mexico to the USA but we had the right people involved on the Board of Directors who have meet each week to pray together and worked very hard for the past 19 months to reach this day of opening the house. This is only the beginning.  We have been contacted by people and organizations around the USA who are interested in starting a Mater Filius home. I am full of joy.

Mater Filius IMG_2720 IMG_2722 September 11, 2013 005


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  1. Reynee Shanahan says:

    May I have a local address and phone # to which I may donate to? Omaha, NE
    Suggestion: By making locating that information easier, you might receive more donations.

    Thank you,

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