The Horn’s in Alaska

Since 2004 I’ve taken over 400 people to Alaska—-mostly college students, but recently I’ve opened up the experience for friends from Nebraska, and Mexico City. For 6-7 weeks each summer I am full of joy to have the opportunity to trade living in the mega-city of Mexico City to stepping into lives in Alaska. In 2012 my close friends the Horn’s spent 2 amazing weeks in Alaska. Their middle child Ashley has a brain tumor that is inoperable. Every day is treasured as we pray for her healing.

The two weeks were amazing. The kids had been planning for a long time to be baptized while they were in Alaska. On their last night in Juneau the each of the kids where baptized by their father. We were all full of joy as the kids came up out of the freezing Alaska waters as baptized followers of Christ. During my ten years in Juneau I’ve seen the northern lights just once before. On this night as the three kids came out of the water the northern lights started. We were full of joy and imagined the joy also taking place in the heavenlies.July 14, 2012 043

Adam Horn family



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