Watch Volviendo on Netflix

The Volviendo movie is now being sold in the USA in over 1000 retail stores and can be purchased online through,, and If you have a Netfix subscription, you can watch the documentary for free. Search for “Volviendo”. All proceeds from the sale of the movie go to support the film team who are working in Mexico City as they promote the documentary in Latin America and work on their next film project.


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2 Responses to Watch Volviendo on Netflix

  1. Bob & Gwen Batcher says:

    We would like to help you with your car fund. If we give to Global Services will it go to you to use for the car? Or do we need to just send money to you somehow?
    Merry Christmas.

    • Craig Johring says:

      You are awesome! The best way to give to my Vehicle Fund is through Global Services and I will direct your funds toward the purchase of a vehicle. Thank you! -Craig

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