Wayne State Athlete Dedicates Wrestling Season To Help Victims of Human Trafficking and Mexico City Street Kids

Rob Peters is a wrestler from Wayne State College, and just happens to be from my hometown in Nebraska. Rob came to Mexico City this past March on a Spring Break trip where he gained a heart for helping the poorest of the poor. He has dedicated this wrestling season to bringing awareness to human trafficking, and helping street kids in Mexico City. Rob is amazing. To follow Rob’s wrestling season and help him in his mission, join his Facebook ¬†group: ¬†A Season To Remember.

Rob’s mission to help victims of trafficking and street kids in Mexico:

“After a very life changing mission trip to Mexico City and allowing God to change my heart towards people less fortunate than me and humbling my heart I have decided to dedicate my final wrestling season to supporting the homeless, street kids, and girls saved from sex trafficking in Mexico City. My season will be dedicated to helping them gain clothes, shoes and support through donations. For every takedown I get throughout my season I will donate $5, for every win i will donate $5, and for every pin I get I will donate $10. I will also be looking for any clothes, shoes, and socks that people will be willing to donate to the cause. Shoes between the sizes of 7-9 will be ideal and clothes that are between the sizes of small and medium, small would be ideal, but anything you would be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated. If you have any questions feel free to message me on here or write on the wall. Your support is greatly appreciated. This is also to help raise awareness of the poverty of children and adults not only in Mexico City but the whole world. But more importantly to help people understand that there is sex trafficking happening not only in Mexico City but the whole US too!! Sex trafficking is when humans are traded as sex slaves and are subject to physical and emotional abuse. This ranges from girls or guys from ages as young as 7 years old. Women never should be subject to any abuse! As men we are called to be examples as Christ and when they are subject to this kind of abuse there image of Christ is distorted. Lets help to change this and save them. Your support is greatly appreciated! Thanks and God Bless!!”

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2 Responses to Wayne State Athlete Dedicates Wrestling Season To Help Victims of Human Trafficking and Mexico City Street Kids

  1. Sarah Peter says:

    Robert you are so amazing. We had no idea you were doing this but it does not surprise me. You are such a wonderful example of all the good an open heart can do. We are so proud of you!!! Love you much brother!!!!!

  2. Ed Schriner says:

    Rob, This is Ed Schriner…I commend you on your dedication to the poor and hope someday that I can meet you and all of the others who have also dedicated themselves to aiding the poor. I am proud of you, brother!

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