From The Top Of The Latin America Tower

In 2005 I went to Mexico City on a consulting trip to give my opinion on how to structure an organization and ministry that could impact the city. I had no desire to ever live in a city, much less Mexico City. However on one of the last evenings of the trip we went to the top of the Latin America Tower. On the observation deck on the 42nd floor I was given a sheet with verses and prayers to pray for the city. As I prayed these prayers for the city, in a moment my heart was transformed and I had a vision for what I am doing today.

Several days ago I visited the Latin America Tower and stood in the place where 7 years ago I was called to Mexico City. Seven years ago I saw a mass of endless buildings and streets. Today the same view looks so much different. I see see the streets and buildings where the people who have captured my heart live and work.

The exact spot and view where I was called to Mexico.


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