Street Kids Listening To The Faith Comes by Hearing Audio Bible

This past year we’ve been able to put the Faith Comes by Hearing audio Bible in the hands of street kids. Kathleen Gately who has worked with me in Mexico City since 2006 shared this story.

“One of my Mexico City friends had no place but the streets to call his home.  His “home” did not keep him protected and I recently attended his memorial service.  The memorial was appropriately held where he had lived, on the street.  The Fundación Revive staff and other volunteers who love and work with the community of street kids gathered in front of a Mexico City subway station for it. Many people passing by stopped and stared.  As the memorial progressed, it was amazing to see God at work and witness how the audio Bible from Faith Comes by Hearing has made a difference in this community of street kids. I stood amazed as I witnessed one woman walk up and begin talking to one of the street kids in attendance. The woman started talking to him about God, and the boy responded, “I know God and love Him.” The woman took out her Bible, and the boy said, “I love the Bible. I cannot read but I can tell you what it says.” The woman seemed to doubt what he had said, so as a challenge she opened her Bible to Revelations 4 and began to read. Word for word, our friend began to quote Revelations 4 right along with her. The lady was almost speechless when he finished. She managed to ask him, How did you learn that? I am a Christian but cannot even tell you what this chapter says.” The boy responded, “We listen to the audio Bible every night and I learn about God and what He says, even though I am on the streets and you can see my struggles more, I know God and love listening about him.” The woman who had been passing by intended to minister to this street kid but, instead, he ministered to her and to us as well.”


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