Showing the Magdalena Movie on National Television

Saturday, the day before Easter is holy day of the year in Mexico. The normal sounds in the city are strangely absent as people spend the day in their homes. Many will attend religious services in the evening.

On the night before Easter we showed the Magalena movie during prime time on national television on the largest channel in Mexico. Magalena is the story of Jesus told from the perspective of Mary Magalene. This is the 3rd year running I’ve been able to bring together the owners of the Jesus and Magalena films with a Mexican television network to broadcast the films.

It is a 3-year running dream come true to broadcast the Magdalena and Jesus movies to the nation. Years ago we packed 16mm projectors into mountain villages. We put up a screen and projected the Jesus movie in the street. I saw lives deeply impacted.   It was a dream to take this movie to the whole nation. Today they have remastered the Jesus movie and use it to tell the story of Jesus from the perspective of Magdalena.
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