A Street kid Named Arron

On Wednesday Aaron, a street kid in the community of 15 that I work with passed away. Aaron was 22, and has no family. I was with Aaron when he passed away. He is the 3rd street kid from this community who has died during the past 6 months.

I want to share this with my friends and family who give blankets, shoes, and sweatshirts, and money to purchase food for the street kids each week. Aaron heard the Word of God non-stop with the Faith Comes by Hearing audio Bible the street kids listen to all the time, but could not leave drugs or the street. When I read Matthew 25:31-46, I know that when we help the poor we are serving Christ. I cannot read these verses without worshiping God by serving the poor, and I am thankful for my friends who join with me to care for the poorest of the poor.

On Wednesday I was with the street kids to rescue a 14 year-old who wanted to leave the street and go to a home. When I arrived I discovered that Aaron was extremely sick. We called an ambulance. The parametics arrived and checked Aaron’s vitals. They gave him a hot drink and encouraged us to keep him warm and comfortable. But they refused to take him to the hospital because he was dirty, and because his sickness was a result of taking drugs and not taking care of himself. That is the norm for how street kids are treated. Shortly after the parametics left Aaron died. He died laying on the dirt where the parametics had moved him to be in the sun so that would warm him up.

My friends and Revive staff came quickly and were there to pray and help comfort the street kids. It was 3 hours until the Coroner arrived to make a report and take away Aaron’s body. It was a very difficult day for the street kids because they are a family and were close to Aaron.

The following day my friend Susana, who has worked with this community of kids for 7 years, and I identified Aaron’s body. We spent the day going from office to office to claim his body to give him a Christian burial. There is no system in place for a body to be claimed by a non-family member. In the end we were not successful. At best we hope to be able to give Arron a Christian service and burial after a week of waiting for paperwork and meetings to take place.









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  1. Jason Reid says:

    Your effort on behalf of these kids is inspirational. I have a heart for this type of ministry also, I love reading your posts.

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