YWAM Brings 1067 to Mexico City in 2010-2011

In 2009 I received a call from Australia. The Megacities director for Youth With A Mission (YWAM) shared how God had called their organization to come to Mexico City to help transform the city. I was excited to hear how they were planning on bringing over 1000 missionaries from around the world to Mexico City in 2010.

For the next two years I worked with Megacities. During the first year I helped connect YWAM with leaders in the city. During the 2nd year wave after wave of teams came from around the world. The YWAM teams came for 2 1/2 months and slept on the floors of churches while reaching out to people in the city.

The last YWAM teams left in February. By the end 1067 people had came to Mexico City.

Click on the photo below for a video report on the Megacities outreach in Mexico City:

YWAM Megacities Video





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