Top Ten Highlights from 2011

2011 has been an amazing year. I spent 9 months in Mexico City. I was at Kamp Ed during the months of May and August at Kamp Ed. In July I was in Alaska. Here are 10 highlights from 2011.

1. I worked with Jarah and Ann in Alaska, and was full of joy when they come to Mexico City to work with me. They lived on my street and we spent the year working together on Revive projects. The year was non-stop amazing.


2. I became a Kindle fan in 2011. All my life I’ve been a reader. With my Kindle I don’t have to wait to return to the USA to buy books. The amazing feature on a Kindle is that when driving you can have the Kindle read the text audibly.


3. Kirpat-TRACK is BACK. John and Cindy Kirkpatrick and their kids were my friends years ago when I lived in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. In 2011 we reconnected to go turkey hunting, and muskie fishing, and Andy spent a week at Kamp Ed in August.


4. In 2011 I entered my 3rd year with Revive. For these years I’ve had the organizational freedom to dream, believe, and follow God’s leading as we take on evangelism and transformation projects in Mexico. I identify with the character played by Jim Carrey in The Truman Show when he breaks free from the bubble and discovers a world he did not know existed, and once outside he could never back.


5. Kamp Ed was founded on August 2, 2001. To celebrate the 10-year anniversary we put up a tent and served up 15 gallons of root beer and smoked salmon. Friends of Kamp Ed came from near and from far.


6. The church meeting in a garage next door to my Mexico City apartment moved to a new location.  Imagine two years of booming music, traffic congestion, and people speaking in tongues until midnight four nights of the week and all day on Sunday. My street has returned to being quiet in the evenings and it feels like home again.


7. The days in 2011 spent fishing and whale watching on the Saint Patrick in Alaska while stepping into the lives of the Summer Project students and Staff, Kenny and Zac, Larry and Josh, Debbie, Shannon and Michael, Shawn and Eric were some of the greatest of all days.


8. IN October we put on a 3-day conference to give training for counselors working with victims of sex trafficking. The government took notice and presented Revive with a medal from the Congressional Commission on Human Trafficking. As a result of the connections made from this conference we’ve started bi-monthly training meetings for caregivers of victims, and host a  bi-monthly meeting for organizations working with street kids.


9. In September Faith Comes by Hearing donated 50 Mini-Proclaimers to use to give to street kids so they can listen to the audio Bible and be transformed by the Word of God.


10. The Kamp Ed tree house is finished! Eight years ago Kenny Miller started building the tree house. In May Larry and Lori Buchmann, and a friend pounded the last nail and it was finished! In October another long-term goal was met when Jerry Penry built shelves in the garage. What a year this has been at Kamp Ed!

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  1. Shannon olmstead says:

    Hi craig it’s shanon awesome highlights, I miss you so much !
    I can’t stop thinning about fishing.

  2. Shannon olmstead says:

    Awesome!! Hi Craig
    it’s Shannon,you have a awesome website!!

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