Dallas Home Saving Lives

I’m walking on air from visiting the the home in Dallas where the lives of mothers and babies are being saved. Five years ago I was introduced a home in Mexico City where I saw volunteers working with young mothers from the street to save their lives and their unborn babies. The founders of the home had a desire to expand the model they had developed to the USA. Girls would live in the house during their pregnancy and after giving birth while learning life skills, and how to care for their babies. I invited the founders of the home to Omaha to Omaha to share the vision. Three years ago the home in Omaha opened and where 30 babies have been born each year. This past summer the home expanded to Dallas. Our dream from the beginning was to open homes in 50 cities within the first 10 years after starting the first home in Omaha. It was so awesome to see the Dallas home in operation, and the joy of the 18 volunteers pouring their lives into the young mothers and their babies.

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