Homeless Outreach in Alaska

Twice a year in Mexico City I bus the homeless street kids I’m working with to the mountains for a day outside of the city. Each time I see a big difference in the response of the kids after getting them out of the city for the day.

This summer I brought over to 50 people to Alaska on short and long term retreats and mission projects. One of the college mission groups I hosted focused on the homeless in downtown Juneau. Each day we stepped into the lives of the homeless to care and listen in downtown Juneau. At the end of the week I chartered a bus to go out the road for a day of spending time in the outdoors. We grilled out and spend time connecting. One man brought a fishing pole and fished for Salmon. The opportunity to spend the day away from the city had a similar effect as it does in Mexico City. One man shared that for the first time since he lost his wife he experienced peace and happiness. The lives of the students with me were deeply impacted from the experience of stepping into the lives of the homeless and sharing Christ.


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