Hope of the Poor

I came to Mexico City in 2006 with the vision of working with college students, and impacting the lives of the poor. In a few days I will finish the year, and celebrate 10 years of mission work in Mexico City. Every year has been amazing. I love stepping into the lives of people in Mexico, the staff who come to work with me, and college students to come to work with me during their breaks. I continue working with different communities of homeless youth, loving them, sharing meals, and building relationships.

On May 10th I will fly from Mexico City to Alaska where I will spend my 13th straight summer working with college students and Native Alaskans. This summer I will take missions to the Island villages of Yakutat and Hoonah.  I love working in Mexico City, but I love trading living in one of the largest cities in the world for the wilderness of Alaska each summer.

One of the projects I’ve been working over the past 16 months is to start a 501c3 non-profit ministry called Hope of the Poor.  The organization is based in Nebraska and we have received approval to receive funding and give tax-deductible receipts.  Under Hope of the Poor I will be able to bring on staff and interns to work alongside me on my team in Mexico City. I will remain with the organization Global Services Associates (GSA), and will continue to receive my funding through GSA for right now. Hope of the Poor will give me the platform for developing funding for the projects to help the poor and reach out to university students. Check out our website at hopeofthepoor.org.



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