College Students Bring Mercy to Street Kids

Marlene showed up on the street two years ago. She was 14 and using inhalants. She started dating one of the guys in the community of street kids. In February she found out she was pregnant.

In February and March I hosted 125 Spring Break college students who came to Mexico City on one week mission trips. Each day during the six-weeks of Spring Break the college students stepped into the lives of the poor, the forgotten and the lonely. At least once each week I took the college students to one of the communities of street kids I’ve worked with for the past five years. The students fed the hungry, they gave drink to the thirsty, and they clothed the naked (Matthew 25). The lives of the college students were impacted. Students returned home with a desire to bring Christ to people around them.

For Marlene the experience of being welcomed by strangers changed her life. The students believed in her, and gave her courage. They affirmed her in a way she could not affirm herself. They bought her clothes, They listened to her story, they cared for her, and they prayed with her.

God brought healing in Marlene’s life during these days and changed the direction of her life. She left drugs. She started taking care of herself and her unborn baby. She moved into a home where she now lives. In November she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Her boyfriend is supporting her and their baby. They have plans to build a life together.

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