Trafficking Victim To Advocate

Karla was one of the first girls brought to the safe house in Mexico City I’ve worked with since 2010. At the age of 12, a sex trafficker targeted her while she was waiting for friends near a subway station in Mexico City. Today Karla an advocate against human trafficking and is sharing her story of survival at public events and conferences. Over the years my staff and groups of college students on mission projects from the USA have worked with the girls in the Safe House. The founder of the Safe House was elected to the Mexican Congress on an anti-trafficking platform. I served on her Commission on Human Trafficking in the Mexican Congress for two years, and served on a task force with the Attorney General of Mexico to come up with tangible steps to take for ending trafficking. One of the biggest challenges was convincing the general public that trafficking was taking place in Mexico. When that happened, anti trafficking legislation was passed making trafficking a Federal crime. Today people like Karla are sharing their stories and leading the way to advocate for the victims of trafficking in Mexico and around the world. Article


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