Drug Free Street Kids

All are drug free in this picture. They have jobs. They all have spending money. Five years ago I started hanging out with a community of 17 drug addicted homeless street kids. During the first 18 months three died. The last to die was Aaron, a 22 year-old who died while I was with him on the street. The experience of not being able to save Aaron changed me. I changed my approach and started believing in these kids. I started showing up during my free time on Sunday evenings, and treating them like brothers. Some I have taken some to rehab three or four times. A big change in the community came four years ago when I started giving them the Faith Comes by Hearing Audio Bible. To this day they would rather be listening to the Spanish audio Bible than anything. They started believing that they mattered. Another big change came 18 months ago when my friend Padre Gaitley came and prayed for the kids, and prayed over the place on their street where they sleep. The kids who slept in that spot of the concrete suddenly were able to resist the non-stop temptation. chavos2015
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