Aaron’s Three Weeks In Mexico City

In October Aaron Peterson from Kearney came to Mexico City to work with me for three weeks. Aaron stayed in my apartment and went with me each day in Mexico City to work with college students or to serve the poor. For three weeks we had non-stop amazing conversations.  For three weeks we went non-stop in stepping into lives in Mexico City. Aaron is the coolest guy who affirms and encourages everyone around him. Aaron was amazing in the way he reached out to the street kids, the homeless that we fed on the street and the elderly homeless women who have no families. He quickly became friends with Elizabeth and Courtney on my team, and bonded with my neighbors. I’ve known Aaron since he came to Kamp Ed as a 5th grader, and he’s been back to Kamp Ed many times as a sponsor . I went to college with his mom, and his dad has helped me at Kamp Ed with building projects. His grandfather Jim Miller was a favorite college professor of mine and has been a big encouragement to me.  October 22, 2014 028

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