A 56 Day Fast

On Friday Abram left the street. Abram is a 21-year old with the future ahead of him if he can leave inhalants. I have taken Abram to the rehab clinic in the past only to have him change his mind at the door. This time we took along his friends who are inhalant-free. When Abram changed his mind at the door his close friends were there to encourage him to go. As of right now Abram, Tapia, Vicente, and Ivan from the street community are in the rehab clinic.  I’m also asking friends to join me to pray for these four guys during the next 56 days during their treatment. Our Revive staff in Mexico City are making a fast for 56 days in forgoing something, and using that time to pray. Ideas are not checking facebook during the last 15 minutes of the day, if that is what you normally do, and using that time to pray for the poor.

October 3, 2014 036

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