Lives Transformed

Last night Tapia, Ivan, and Vicente left the street to enter a rehab center. I’ve been friends with these guys for four years, and visit them on Sunday evenings with food, shoes, blankets and encouragement. I’ve taken others from this community off the street to treat their addictions but all three have said no to me for four years—-until now.  It’s so amazing! These guys arrived on the street when they were young kids. They are tough, they are fighters, and they are amazing to survive day after day living on the street. Many of my friends from USA and Mexico City have been to the street with me and many pray for them. Thank you! They need prayer right now—-the first three days of detox of coming off the inhalants are rough. Many of the kids in the community have been to rehab and wanted make sure they did not change their mind at the last minute. Eight of the guys piled into my Tracker, and more rode with our Revive staff Elizabeth and Courtney, and one of my friends in Mexico City. We drove across the city to the rehab center the city with the windows down. Fortunately the police turned a blind eye to overloading the Tracker. At the door of the center Tapia changed his mind—-but the others encouraged him to go.  As their sponsor I will visit these guys every Saturday for the next two months and take them food, canteen money to buy snacks, and check to see how they are doing. I gave them a Proclaimer to listen to the Faith Comes by Hearing audio Bible. It’s so amazing that right now Tapia, Ivan, and Vicente are off the streets. Praise be to God.September 28, 2014 048

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  1. Franklin Saltzgaber says:

    God is truly using you in Mexico, we bind satan away from and claim the victory for you in the name of Jesus.

  2. Roma J Engdahl says:

    Hi Craig,
    Congratulations to you and the 3 men who have chosen to enter a rehab center. I hope and pray they will be strong in their attempt to leave the streets and that lifestyle behind. They will have a good support system with you by their side guiding and encouraging them to continue in their fight to overcome. It cannot be easy and then the hard part will be going back out into society trying to avoid all the temptations.
    May the seed you have planted in their hearts and minds grow and, along with many prayers, may they be successful. Blessings, Roma Engdahl

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