Nebraska Students Serve the Poor in Mexico City

I am full of joy from spending a week with a group of college students from Nebraska. This past week students from the Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) in Nebraska came to Mexico City to serve the poor. The CSF students were from the campuses of UN-Kearney and UN-Omaha. The trip was led by Brady Cone and my nephew Brock Fairbrother.  We spent the week serving in a shelter for 472 elderly homeless women. The women live in some of the poorest conditions imaginable.

Each day we cleaned their living areas, helped bathe the handicapped, and fed the disabled. Each day was so amazing to have the opportunity to serve the poor and witness the impact the experience was having on students as they as they encountered Christ in the poor. Caleb, a student from UNK summed up the week in a note he sent after returning home: “What a life changing experience, I will never be the same and what I was able to see will never leave me. For what little I was blessed to do for the least of these, Jesus has worked on my heart and I have been helped and blessed so much more… I found Jesus and I pray His love was shown through me for He is the only one who could ever help and save the wonderful, beautiful people I was able to serve. God is good, and although I have seen people at their lowest this week, He has introduced me to some real worriers of the faith doing amazing things for an extraordinary God. I have been to dang blessed.”


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