Co-Worker For Seven Years Weds

Of the 700+ who have came to Mexico City with me during the past seven years Kat has stayed the longest. Kat came on our first Mexico City team in 2006. During the first three years she was an important part of starting student-led Bible studies on as many as 50 university campuses in Mexico City.

Four and a half years ago when I changed my organizational affiliation from Campus Crusade for Christ to Global Service Associates, Kat made the same change and we continued to work together. Kat has helped coordinate our Mending the Soul conferences to train caregivers working with human trafficking victims. For many years Kat has worked in a Safe Home to help restore the lives of girls who were rescued from being sold in the streets.

In 2006 on a university campus in Mexico City Kat met a leader named Oscar. A week ago on Saturday Kat and Oscar were married. Hundreds of people Kat and Oscar have impacted over the years attended. Nate and Sarah from our first team in 2006 came from Colorado. It was a joy to see many girls Kat has worked in the Safe Home with who were victims of human trafficking. I remember their broken condition after being rescued. Today through the investment of Kat and others in their lives many are experiencing healing and restoration.

Since finishing college Oscar has worked in full-time ministry. Blessings to Oscar and Kat on their marriage, and the beginning of a new part of their amazing lives together.


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  1. Roma J. Engdahl says:

    What a neat love story. My good wishes upon their marriage and continued Blessings on their special and caring Ministry of the saving and restoring of confused and lost individuals. May they be happy, healthy and safe.

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