Mexico City Highlight Photos

September 2006- February 2007


Celebrating Sky's birthday


The American staff at the Mid-Year conference in Ixtapa


National Director Steve Morgan, and Joe Cross


Nate Hoover shortly before buzzing off his fro


Joe Cross and Kenny Miller


Off the coast of Ixtapa


Marta Frasier, Joe Cross, Jason Sorge


A barbeque after fishing


Fishing with my next door neighbors at La Maquesa in the mountains west of Mexico City


Marisco with his first fish


Our Enfoque Mexico Staff team


Craig Johring - Pointing to Mexico City on the map at our former Mexico headquarters


Rainbow trout


Craig Johring - Emmanuel Martinez at La Marquesa


Emmanuel, Adriana, and Asareel Martinez - Craig Johring


With my next door neighbors at La Maquesa


Teaching Christian to drive my Tracker in the mountains outside of Mexico City


Christian who lives next door in Mexico City


Thanksgiving at the VanDiest house


Craig Johring - Christmas in Polanco


Our staff after a meeting


Staff meeting


Craig Johring - My friends from Oaxaca after our student training day


After our first training day


Our first gathering of students in Mexico City for movement launching training


Training day


The four Martinez from Oaxaca


Craig Johring - Ryan Tworek - National Director David Bedolla with students from Tech de Monterey in Puebla.


Ryan Tworek from California and UNK alum


With Illiana my lawyer shortly after finally receiving my FM3 Visa to work in Mexico.


The active volcano Popocatepetl outside of Puebla


Steve Van Diest and Donny Wilcox - my former WSN Regional Director


With my neighbors at the Angel of Independence in Mexico City


My neighbors


With my neighbors at the zoo in Chapultepec Park


Craig Johring - My neighbors at the zoo


Craig Johring - Joe Cross


My favorite place in Mexico City - Xochimilco


Joe Cross - Ryan Tworek - Craig Johring at Xochimilco


At Xochimilco


The gardens near Xochimilco


At the gardens near Xochimilco


One of the 400 University campuses in Mexico City


Outside of the city west of where I live


Craig Johring - Inside the Catedral Metropolitan on the Zocolo - the 2nd largest public square in the world


Asareel and Ariana Martinez


Craig Johring - Bernardo with Athletes in Action in Mexico


A gathering of pastors and church leaders


Bernardo - Adriana and Asareel Martinez - Craig Johring in the national Jesus Film office in front of "Mega Plan" plaque of the Jesus Film outreach we held in Oaxaca seven years ago.


Craig Johring - Asa and Adri Martinez in Polanco


Paul and Wendy Sheele in Puebla


Steve Van Diest


Imra Lopez and Joe Cross at the mole festival



Sampling mole at the Mole Festival


Craig Johring - at the Great Pyramids of Teotihuacán


Nate Hoover - Joe Cross at the Great Pyramids of Teotihuacán north of Mexico City


The Van Diest boys


Our Fall Enfoque Mexico staff team


Jorge Dorcas, the national Jesus Film director and others


My Tracker in front of my apartment building


With my 2003 Tracker


The crazy and fun Van Diest kids


My new Blackberry at the Telcel store


Steve Van Diest grilling up burgers


Steve Van Diest - U.S. National WSN Director Keith Bubalo


National Director Steve Morgan - Steve VanDiest


Orange soda from Mexico


Steve Van Diest - David Bedolla - Craig Johring


U.S. National WSN Vertical meeting in Mexico City


WSN Directors at Steve's house


A gathering of our staff at Steve's house shortly after arriving in Mexico City